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Everything seems to have grown overnight!!!! The Southland got drenched early Friday morning and all day Saturday and into the night with a large, warm, El Nino storm.  We estimate that here in the foothills, we got at least 6″-7″ of rain, possibly more? We are indeed very grateful for the large amount of participation this storm brought us this late in the season giving the plants a good, deep soaking.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, we hope to tear out the concrete driveway and replace it with an herbal grass mixture with concrete stripping where the car tires go (trying to replicate the “old-time” driveways, where they had grass and two small strips of concrete for the car tires) This will keep the rainfall on our property, as we hate to see the water (and soil) just running down the driveway and out into the street. And some wonder why the ground water reserves are not being replenished… Cities are becoming “asphalt jungles.” Time to take back the open earth and let her drink in and absorb the rain.

Weather Report: Soggy and wet, with a wee bit of sun peaking through the dark clouds.

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