Of what? And for what purpose? How can we become more self-reliant this week? These tough questions are hard to answer about ourlifestyle & attitudes that have been instilled in us from the unceasing pressures and bombardments of our “programmed” modern culture.

Here’s another question —How many things do we own which cost over $150 (the approximate annual income of the poorest third of the world’s population) ? Do we know which goods & services we use every day would not be available in the absence of cheap labor & raw materials from poor countries? Can we do without or find substitutes for such things?

Here’s a check list ofWHAT YOU CAN DO: List all your possessions which you would have to own in order to live without great discomfort and inconvenience.What proportion are they of your total possessions? How do you define ‘great discomfort and inconvenience’? List three suggestions for simplifying your life and try them out for a month…

Spring is a season of new growth and renewal for the natural world and spring cleaning and de-cluttering of our homes — why not ourselves?

See you all along the path…

Weather Report: Overcast and dreary…. rain likely this weekend.

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