The guys are getting ready to start brewing some compost tea today. Compost teas, are gaining increased attention as a crop protection tool for the control of foliar diseases and as an inoculant to restore or enhance soil microflora.

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Soaps a’curing

Spent a few days last week making different batches handmilled soap. So far I’ve done lavender oatmeal, honey oatmeal and mint. They smell really wonderful–especially the mint soap! Ok, now that I got the hang of reconstituting soap bases into bars the next challenge is to make my own soap base. Everyone (well not exactly everyone) keeps telling me “you gotta make your own soap, it’s REALLY easy!” Ok, guys I hope to tackle this project sometime soon… perhaps this summer. After reading the soapmaking books that I have it looks to be quite easy, so we’ll see…

Weather Report: Warm and sunny again — no, not complaining!

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