“The proverb “waste not, want not” reminds us that it is easy to be wasteful when there is an abundance but that this waste can be the cause of later hardship. “A stitch in time saves nine” reminds us of the value of timely maintenance in preventing waste and work involved in major repair and restoration efforts.”

~ David Holmgren ~

The guys finally installed a pipe system to funnel our wash water to an outside bucket.    As I mentioned before we are have a new water saving 22 gal washing and machine and will be usingPRILL BEADS to wash the clothes in. By using the prill beads, there will be no need to worry about soap residues and will allow us to use the grey water directly on the plants. One small step in reducing our waste.

Before                                          After      


We have quite a lot of concrete (yuck) on property (especially in the backyard) as the previous owner had lots of cars for his business. We’d like to get rid of it one day soon. So far, the guys have destroyed the large concrete walkway leading up to our front door (see above photos). When everything is all grown, it’s going to look lush and green — better than dead, dull and hot concrete! By implementing porous “permeable paving” techniques will, of course, help the soil collect more of the rain than running off into the street sewers and eventually down to the ocean.

Weather Report: Nice and warm

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