LATE!!! Just finished the newsletter… I know, it’s a bit overdue! So, check out the latest (late)FEBRUARY issue of our newsletter…

Tasks seems to continually pile up in an endless stream of ‘to do’s.’ So, we will have to start prioritizing certain tasks and chores and starting crossing items off the list. Our family members are obsessive at making “to-do list” . But, lists certainly help keep us on the track and see if we are progressing or not!

Nursery center

As I mentioned we have been busy planting like crazy. We have already planted the corn and bean seedlings into raised beds in the garden. Our little nursery center alongside the south side of the house was getting a bit crowded so the guys added another shelving system.

It’s really weird to see the Eastern US all white with snow and ice while here in SoCal we are in t-shirts and working in the warm earth. (well, that was yesterday)

As much as we love planting, we can’t wait ’till the bulk of its all over so we can move on to tackle more projects that we have planned.   Self-sufficiency is costly at first, but in the long run will eventually pay off and worth every penny!


Build large solar food

Complete grey water reed bed
Make another solar oven
Build driveway arbor for passion fruit
Build backporch arbor for grapes
Use vertical space: “hanging garden”
Install a solar shower
Install a composting toilet system
Buy some bantam ducks
and turtlesMake small pond for ducks
More dwarf citrus trees for patio
More edibles for “trouble spots”(started)
Soap making (started)
Sew own clothes
Rainwater collection system
Implement more permaculture concepts (started)
Grow mushrooms in cellar (started)
Expand vermicomposting system (started)
Pedal power implemented
Build an adobe oven/horno
Tear up back patio concrete, driveway and walkway
Arch pergola for apple espalier
Start a little nursery (started)
Harvest 6,000 lbs of produceCandle making
Spinning & natural dying
Install solar panels
Reduce water usage and re-use grey water
Transform street median into butterfly garden (started)Buy a bike cart for making our deliveriesBulk food storage system (started)Reduce our waste volume and consumer purchases (started)too be continued…Here’s a great article featured in the Spring issue ofKnitty.com on learning to spin yarn: SPINNING FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS

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