We are eating our fill of broccoli, radishes, snow peas and salad and we are even still eating winter squash! Meals consist of veggie or winter squash soups or veggies on rice. Each meal is accompanied by a fresh, delicious salad and homemade biscuits.

The salad mix is awesome! Over 20 varieties of greens.  I had one lady remark, “What do you do to your salad?” and I replied, “Nothing!.” 😉

Colorful Spring salad
The cool weather is helping the snow peas recover from the hot January we had. We are not harvesting as much as last year, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the tender sweet pods. While we go about our plantings, our taste buds are eagerly anticipating the first crops of beans, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers…

OK, enough of that! Here’s a thought-provoking question and issue that was posted on ourforum (scroll down to the last posting); Does living simply (or Back to Basics) require MORE or LESS money? I can relate to the knitting issue that was presented in the post. To buy yarn for a sweater would cost near $100, to buy one at a Thrift store less than $1.00. What a dilemma!  Save money and go thrifting or learn and skill and possibly go broke? Let’s hear from you readers!What’s your take or experiences on this issue?

Weather Report: Chilly

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