Photo of the burrow, Rearview of Moonshadow, Moonshadow & Sierra after a hard hour’s work

We try to let the bunnies out each day or so for a romp around the yard. Recently, they have gotten it in their little heads that they have to dig a burrow. Moonshadow started it and now Sierra’s got the diggin’ fever. It’s fascinating to watch, sorta like our own PBS nature show going on in our back yard!

Now that I mentioned that I’d like to spin, I did some researching on the internet yesterday. I think it would be great to go through the complete process — grow the cotton, spin then make it into yarn, dye it with some natural plant dye and then knit or crochet it into something to wear… OK, now I am getting excited! There are some different choices out there. I found a link on how you can make your ownDROP SPINDLE or you can buy them at a reasonable price, there is also theCHARKHA (which Gandhi used) and of course many models of spinning wheels to choose from. I found out that there are a group of lady spinners in our area and they meet on Wednesday nights, unfortunately us gals have guitar lessons on that night. Meanwhile, I’ll just do some reading up on the different methods….

Weather Report: Looks like it’s going to be a nice day.

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  1. viggie says:

    Oh now I need to find room for cotton too! My rabbits are angoras though, so I can start with learning to spin that 🙂

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