As we like to do each year, we are trying to grow some new plants. This year we purchased some unusual grains fromAbundant Seed Life Foundation like Rainbow (Temuco) and Gossi Quinoa which young leaves can be eaten in salads, also Teosinte a Native American corn ancestor which young shoots and seeds are edible, and also some Japanese Millet.

We also tracked down a colored cotton seedsource (Red leaved and colored cotton), which will look nice growing along side the regular white cotton plants we have. The cotton is a pedestrian stopper, people often come up to us and tell us that they remember picking cotton when they were young. We have collected over 4 large bags or more of cotton balls… now if I can just learn tospin it right off the ball and perhaps knit a hat! But first I have to get a spinning wheel or drop spindle and that’s another story….

Weather Report: A bit of sun coming through the clouds today.

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