The guys just finished making three beautiful cedar boxes for the front porch. Ah, the front porch, a wasted growing space! All we have growing there now is basically houseplants like ferns, ivy, orchids — you get the picture. The challenge for us this year will be to get some edible/useful plants that’ll tolerate deep, dark shade. We are also thinking of doing a “hanging garden” with self-watering hanging pots on the porch. Stay tuned!

As you can see from the photo we LOVE using SOIL BLOCKS. They are soooo easy, allowing us a thrifty, space saving way to grow healthy seedlings… wait a minute here! I am starting to sound like a commercial. Anyhow, we find them really effective for our planting system…

It’s a challenge to keep a constant, ongoing supply of veggies through out the year. We are getting in the rhythm of how to wisely manage the transition and rotation of crops in the garden. Some of the raised beds have a t least 3-5 crop rotation throughout the year.

Yesterday we had another visit from Steve of Exotica Nursery. He brought us some more Dwarf Bananas that we’d like to put on the front porch. Also someDragon Fruit (a red and white one), Cherimoya and a Ruby-X Guava. Yeah, I know what you are thinking… “where in the world are they going to put all that stuff?” Funny thing is, we are STILL finding room… but I think we are almost done. 😉

Weather Report: Nice warm, spring-like day.

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