We needed rain and boy did we sure get it! Perhaps it’ll clear up today? Can’t wait ’till Spring!

San Gabriel Nursery had some herbs that I haven’t seen anywhere else —Yerba Buena andMoujean Tea, so, sucker as I am for sweet smelling herbs, I brought some home. While searching online for these herbs I came acrossMOUNTAIN VALLEY GROWERS — a certified organic supplier of herbs and perennials. I browsed their¬† listing of herbs, many of which I haven’t heard of before; like Chocolate Scented Daisy – mmmm. On the subject of herbs, another good herb catalog isRICHTER’S, they have a wonderful catalog that we use as reference guide.

A fellow Pasadenian wrote to tell me of his petition to ask McDonalds to give consumers a healthy alterative to their burgers. ¬† If you’d like to sign, check out the petition:Vegetarian Options at McDonald’s . Also check outFAST FOOD & ANIMAL RIGHTS: McDonalds New Farm

Weather Report: The continuous rain is causing havoc around the Southland.

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