God made rainy days, so gardeners could get the housework done.~ Author Unknown ~

This storm is a big one!!! The weather guys estimate those of us in the foothills (which we are) will get about 7″ of rain…. though I wish it was spread out a bit, all that rain at one time doesn’t really do much good. They said that more storms are on their way… pretty soon we’ll be floating away… :-)So as the rain is keeping us house-bound, we’ve been busy sorting through stuff in the house to get a jump on Spring cleaning — looking through gardening catalogs, and so on.

We have a couple more plants on our ‘Want List’ and then we should be about done — ya right! That’s what we thought a couple months ago. We’d like to get some 4-6 ft dwarf bananas, dragon fruit, loquat, cherimoya, dwarf tangerine, tropical cherries and some more herbs.

Weather Report: It’s been raining since Tuesday night…

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