Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth;without rain, there would be no life. ~ John Updike ~

I know, we Southern Californians make a big deal when it rains here, full news coverage — Storm Watch, Storm Team and so on. But, we desperately need it, one can water the garden with the hose, but nothing can compare to the natural stuff. There is way too much salt, chlorine and chemicals in it water and it does more harm than good, with the rain last night it seems like everything grew and is so much greener and the air much cleaner — ahhh!

Yesterday the 250 Seascape Strawberry plants fromPeaceful Valley along with our Chilean Guavas, Chilean Wintergreen and Elderberries from One Green World came just in time to plant before the storm rolled in.

In addition, we had another load of horse manure delivered fromTim. Let me see now, that makes 28 yards of horse manure in less than 6 months!!! Just seems to disappear, being swallowed up in ground.  Every Sunday the guys sift the horse manure and then walk around the yard and sprinkle the compost all over the yard. The plants seem healthier, that’s for sure!

Weather Report: Woke up last night to the sound of rain dripping from the roof –what a much needed blessing!

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