The past couple days have been busy ones!

Made some granola, peanut butter, large batch of vegetable soup and handmilled soaps yesterday.

We purchased some semi-dwarf fruit trees and cut them down to 30″ to make bush fruit trees as described by the space saving method:Backyard Orchard Culture Growing Fruit Trees in Limited Space.

After reading an article in the LA TIMES thatPerchlorateis in the Southland’s drinking water we called the city of Pasadena to ask them what they are doing about it. The city said that JPL was one of the major polluters in our area. Their laboratory is located right near the Arroyo Seco mountain stream which used to supply Pasadena with some of its water. The holding pools have been closed since 1990 when they found out about the contamination. The lady said that the city is doing their best to control contamination (only 4 parts per billion), but in the meantime, just for peace of mind, we’ll be addingPRILL BEADS to our water.

Weather Report: A bit cooler, but still no rain in sight.

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