Or otherwise known as Magenta Lambs Quarter which was introduced by Peace Seeds ca.1983, and is a summer salad must! Iridescent magenta young leaves and stem tips are striking in salad with a tenderness and a taste like that of lambs quarter’s. I have to tell our customers that it’s REAL… not fake. I can’t get over how beautiful the leaves shimmer and shine in the sun… of which this picture doesn’t do justice.

Yesterday we picked up over 200 wine bottles that one of our client’s had been saving… now it’s a matter of what to do with all that lovely dark green glass. Besides lining pathways or beds, we could make a hummingbird feeder or by using a glass cutter we could turn them into candle holders… maybe somehow we can make a tumbler to tumble broken glass to use in the pathways… hmmmm….

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Weather Report: Don’t know how long I am going to repeat this…. unseasonably summer like temperatures. Heat records broken all over the Southland yesterday.

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