I know, the website is suffering from my lack of care. I’ve been too “lazy” to check for dead links and with all the stuff going on, I’ve neglected theBACK TO BASICS section, posting new pics in thePHOTO GALLERY, and addingNEW LINKS to our link directory. In addition, with the new year, I haven’t had time to archive all the oldFACTS & STATS and news articles of 2002 and start a new page… Only a couple days left in January (where’d it go?) and have to get the newsletter out…. Ok enough of that!

Yesterday we visitedEXOTICA RARE FRUITS NURSERY, purchased another tree tomato and an ice cream bean slip (just to try). We gorged ourselves on guavas and white sapote and picked out plants we want to try in the future for Steve (owner of the nursery) to deliver later on.

Now, that we are home it’s time to get our heirloom tomatoes and peppers started and start planning for Spring and Summer.

With the kooky weather here, it seems like Spring not Winter. I’ve seen apple trees blooming and even our peach is starting to bud… it’s a bit early guys! They said this has been one of the driest January on record

Weather Report: Warm, dry and strange…

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