After three days up the coast of California in Pacific Grove, it’s good to be home and getting back to work. It’s going to be hard to put down all what happened over the last three days, but here’s a try…

The23rd Eco-Farm conference was held at beautiful Asilomar State Beach, nestled among the pines. We attended quite a few workshops and conferences ourselves in which we learned some new ideas.   Also we were treated to many “famous” speakers, one of which wasVandana Shiva… truly a wonderful woman. I wish you could have heard her, her soft yet forceful voice spoke out against GMO, WTO, Corporate rule over food and water, the devastating effect of trade and Globalization and much more.

Our workshop and slide presentation went over well (we were very nervous, this being our first), though I was a bit disappointed that my father wasn’t able to conclude his presentation as the workshop was running a bit behind schedule and the moderator cut him short. He had a really powerful ending, in which he was going to pull a trowel out of his back pocket and say… well, we won’t know will we? Maybe next time?

We meet quite a lot of really wonderful people who were really enthusiastic about his speech and project. The adrenalin was running high that day, it was hard going to sleep that night as we were all itching to go home and tackle more projects and plant for Spring.

On Thursday night they held a seed swap, well it was more like a seed … elbowing, pushing, shoving! It was crazy.  Quite a lot of seed companies were there and brought huge boxes of seeds for people to take… it was something else! I brought a few seed packets thinking it was a swap, not knowing it was a free-for-all and I was “cleaned out” in a matter of minutes!

On the way home we drove down the coast line, it was a gorgeous day and we were lucky to see a pod of whales migrating along the coast and huge elephant seals slumbering along the shoreline, wind swept pines, tall redwoods, emerald green hills, crystal blue water, white foamy waves… ahhh, we are truly blessed with natural beauty this state of ours.

Weather Report: Driest January we’ve had in a long time… warm temps and no rain, even the peach tree is starting to bud… we are praying for rain.

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