Sierra                             Moonshadow

One of the bunnies (Moonshadow) had a bad case of sniffles with sneezing attacks. For awhile there, we were a bit worried but now she’s improved… more like healed. We didn’t want to bring her to a vet as they would just prescribe some drug or antibiotic that would only treat the problem and not the entire bunny’s health. Instead we tried a more alternative, holistic approach, adding fresh herbs to their diet and drops of colloidal silver, anti-bio and grape seed extract in the water. Whatever it was, it worked.  She’s now very active,  no longer has those awful sneezing fits and her runny nose has dried up.   In addition, we no longer feed them processed rabbit pellets. Every morning we pick them a variety of fresh greens, herbs and add oats, bread or cereal, raisins, carrots or radishes, peas and orange peels or the occasional fruit slice. Once in awhile we give them our leftover wheat grass flat to devour. I should say that our little gals are sure spoiled! But, they are very happy little rabbits. Sierra likes to lick our arms and faces like a dog (she thinks we need some grooming!) and Moonshadow grunts with delight when she sees us. They’re pretty much all grown up now – weighing at about 3 pounds each. We try to let them out everyday or so in the yard for exercise and they hop around the yard doing their bunny dance of delight as they streak from one side of the garden to the other.

For those who have animals and would like to treat problems or illnesses the alternative way, check outTHE PET MEDICINE CHEST. They have some really good advice, though their products are a bit expensive….

Weather Report: Ditto…. warm, dry. Record heat predicted today.


  1. Eva says:

    How do you go about catching the rabbits when you’re ready to put them back in the cage?

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