On Friday we made some homemadePEANUT BUTTER. It’s was delicious!  We are trying to eliminate additional “pre-made” foods from our shopping list. So far this year we are making our own granola (which, by the way, beats any store bought granola you can buy) and started to grind some of our own flour. Last year we started buying in bulk and making items from scratch like ketchup, salad dressing, biscuits, flour tortillas, soy milk and etc. This year we hope to do even more.

Yesterday we spent a pleasant afternoon hiking in the local mountains. We are truly blessed that we live so close by (5 min). The wind storm So. CA had just a couple days ago really did some damage up in the canyon… lots of beautiful trees were toppled over. There were lots of people spending the day up there too, seems like more and more each year. I remember when some days we would hike and not see a single soul. The trail used to be only a footpath but is widened now to almost where a car can fit. The forest rangers are doing this to accommodate for the excess traffic and it is so sad to see the scars of this left behind and knowing that the vegetation would never be the same again.   I don’t mind people enjoying nature, but when you can see with your own eyes how things are changing, then something has to be done about it. I also don’t really mind mountain bikers either but there are too many “thrill-seeking” ones who are there for the speed and not for the challenge or enjoyment of nature. They get dropped off at the top (couple miles up) of the mountain and zoom on down with little regard to the damage they cause.

Weather Report: Sunny and nice.

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