Wire area where the bunnies eat allowing their droppings to fall into redworm bin

Finally completed the vermicomposting system working under the rabbit hutch.   The guys built a funnel underneath the wire section of the floor where the bunnies eating area is (The rest of the hutch flooring is wood. We didn’t want the bunnies hopping about on wire… ouch!) The bunnies’ pellets fall down the funnel which is connected to a Rubbermaid filled with red worms.  Pretty nifty, eh?

We didn’t want an open worm bin at the bottom because we wanted to keep the fly population from hanging around. It’s working out really well — no mess, no smell, no daily cleaning, no flies, and great fertilizer for the garden… what more could you ask!

Here’s a useful link about this tandem teamRabbits & Vermicomposting

DID YOU KNOW? On average, worms will eat half their weight in food per day? So with one lb of worms you would be feeding 3.5 lbs of food per week. An average household of 4 produces 7 lbs of compostable worm food per week.

Weather Report: Cool and overcast… but we need MORE RAIN!!!!

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  1. Jessie Kirby says:

    We just installed our waste disposal system last night. We are just beginners, however ours looks alot like yours. Ours are all thin sheetmetal. Only using a bucket at the time, but plan on totes. We hadn’t seen anyone else with this system. I’ll post pics.

  2. Lee Anne says:

    I am itching to start raising worms under my rabbits. The link you have above (Rabbits and Vermicomposting) did not work for me. I am very interested in seeing some pictures! I hadn’t seen any others under rabbits with lids – fascinating idea. I would like to hear/see specific sizes (especially depth) of bins, etc. If you could send me (or add) some pictures, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the great info!

  3. Lee Anne says:

    I need to apologize! I just found the picture in your photo gallery of the rabbit over the blue worm bin. Funnel is a neat idea. Is the 2nd bin for the “tea” the worms produce? Also, do you need to feed kitchen scraps in addition to the rabbit droppings?

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