Trailer park ‘Victory Garden’ 1942

“There is a quiet revolution stirring in our food system. It is not happening so much on the distant farms that still provide us with the majority of our food; it is happening in cities, neighborhoods, and towns. It has evolved out of the basic need that every person has to know their food, and to have some sense of control over its safety and its security. It is a revolution that is providing poor people with an important safety net where they can grow some nourishment and income for themselves and their families. And it is providing an oasis for the human spirit where urban people can gather, preserve something of their culture through native seeds and foods, and teach their children about food and the earth. The revolution is taking place in small gardens, under railroad tracks and power lines, on rooftops, at farmers’ markets, and in the most unlikely of places. It is a movement that has the potential to address a multitude of issues: economic, environmental, personal health, and cultural. ~ Michael Ableman, “The Quiet Revolution” ~

Read this really neat article about a 1942 Victory Garden Winner.  For all those dreaming of Spring, check out these wonderful “Victory Garden” links. Sow a revolution!

History of the Victory Gardens – “Governments and corporations promoted this call for self-reliance.” Hmmm, wonder where that went?
Grandpa’s Victory Garden – Reminiscing the old days.
Garden Warrior of 1942 – Urban gardens have the potential for making a valuable contribution to our food supply, and that they may one day become a necessity rather than a hobby.
Modern Victory Garden Movement – “Our food is fighting!”
Re-Earthing The Cities – Be different! Be daring! Do Something! Don’t leave it to others! Live what you believe! It’s happening downunder…

While getting these links together I ran across this:RADICAL RECYCLING… check it out!

Weather Report: After a couple unusually hot days, we are back to cool and overcast. Even had bit of a drizzle this morning.

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