Altadena’s Compost Guru

Powerful winds gusting up to 79 mph all last night have caused this place to look like a war zone – not to mention destroying any idea of a very peaceful sleep. Bushes and trees are de-leafed, pots dumped over and the veggies shredded. Here in So Cal we call these winds from the desert Santa Ana’s, which come every year and this one’s was the worst we have had in a long time…. Time to go clean up.

Check or the “Power of Doo.” Mr. Dundon is much more than a master organic gardener and composting guru, he is man with an important message … “A better tomorrow for us all starts with living better today by converting waste into something that restores, not destroys, life on the planet – SOIL, NOT OIL!”

Weather Report: Dry & windy, batten down the hatches!

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