Took some time off, as you can see, from writing diary entries. Things have been quite busy around here. We recently had a visit from some guys from Crenshaw High {better known asFOOD FROM THE HOOD} They checked out the garden and are thinking of bringing some students here. We also went toTim’s place yesterday and picked up a Tapioca plant.

In addition, today we got some more fruit fromEXOTICA NURSERY Let’s see here, we now got Yellow Strawberry Guava, Goumi, Highbush Cranberry, different types of Pepino and aJaboticaba. Jaboticaba is really interesting as it produces fruit on the bark of the plant and which resemble purple grapes. We also got some Chilean Wintergreen and European Elderberries coming in fromONE GREEN WORLD. There is sooo much to do around here these days that one feels like the guy in the circus who tries to keep all those plates turning on the table at the same time…. Sheesh, makes me dizzy just thinking about it.

I am going to have to get my seed order out soon if we are want to get a jump on Spring. With temps being really warm here we are certainly spoiled — I am sure all those out-of-towners for the Rose Bowl/Parade basked in our beautiful, warm days.

We also made some new year resolutions in which we’d like to see our little place produce at least 6,000 lbs of produce. Then after the yard and garden is finished we’d like to move on and tackle some more off-the-grid, sustainable, and “homesteading” projects. It’s going to be an exciting year, God willing…. stay tuned!

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