And so another year is shortly coming to a close. This year we were very blessed in being able to almost reach our goal of harvesting 2 tons of food (stay tuned for the final tally) and we were able to experience the joy of raising baby chickens and rabbits.

Bunnies playing in the yard

This coming year we plan on tackling even more projects, if all goes well. Already, we are busy re-redesigning the front yard once again to incorporate a lot more edibles to make it even more productive than it is already. We’re taking out non-edible plants. For instance ripping out the schefflera and replacing it with a red guava. We are also taking a closer look at how many lavenders do we really need — is 10 plants too much and if so what edibles we replace them with? So these days are spent researching possible edibles – learning their habits, spacing, height and so on…

Tasty Yacon tubers

Also we are dividing the most of the herbs and perennials. Of course, for instance, 12 Greek oregano’s would be far too much to have! So, by potting them up, we have hopes of selling the herbs that we’ve been dividing… TheYACON plants were dug up yesterday… it has very tasty tubers — crunchy apple-like texture and surprisingly sweet. The yacons produce main/large, edible tubers and tons of small, seed tubers. The tubers are quite expensive, and we can’t possibly use all the little seed tubers. So perhaps we can sell some of them also.

In addition I ordered some more rare &unusual Andean tubers {OCAandMASHUA} they’ll be coming in January.  Looking forward to it!

Weather Report: Cold and dry, time to smother yourself in herbal lotion and lip balm!

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