Nothing will stop theCHILACAYOTE SQUASHakaMALABAR MELON! It’s now over 132 feet, starting in the backyard and growing along the fence line to the sidewalk in the front yard. We have to wind it back on itself or it’ll start growing across the street… It could be even longer that!!!! On the internet it is said that frost will kill it back… Well, the light frosts we are getting haven’t so far. The thing is a monster and luckily it’s winter time, otherwise it’d be choking out all our lima beans.

I received the seed from an online seed trade that I had done with a lady living in Australia not knowing what I was getting into. It is reported that the root stock can be used to graft members of the same family…. hmmmm, would, say, lemon cuke work?

Weather Report: Nights are cold with temps in the low 30’s.  Having to cover all frost sensitive plants. The storm they expected didn’t materialize… so it’s dry and cold.

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