‘How’d they do that in the olden days’ is quite often a phrase we speak around here… How did they go about without modern conveniences, how did they survive, what did they eat, and so on.

For us modern folks all we have to do is get in our cars and go to the grocery, drug, hardware or clothing store to get want we need — or just plain want.

Still, most people do have a respect for people back in ‘those days’ for they must have been not only skilled but also, strong of character. Take a look at the people who created America for instance, most especially those who settled the west – crossing the continent in a rickety wagon and facing all those dangers along the way was not for the faint of heart or weak of will.

Back before our modern conveniences and possessions of ‘extras’ (not too long ago!), people did survive and were happy. Life wasn’t all drudgery and work had a sense of pride attached to it. Possessions were prized and cherished. They made-do with what they had and created things for what they didn’t.

However, we do constantly wonder how they found time to do everything they needed to do to survive. They had to make their clothes, tend to animals, and make food without today’s ready-made instance microwave dinners … etc.

In a throw-away society such as ours, we also tend to go through things like nobody’s business. But a pioneer had to make things last or do without.

And so, we admire those people who could survive without all of today’s modern technology and we strive to achieve a little bit of that ingenuity they had to develop.

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