“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” Masanobu Fukuoka

Take some time to browse around FUKUOKA FARMING. This site is dedicated to Fukuoka’s revolutionary method of sustainable agriculture. Fukuoka is best known forONE STRAW REVOLUTION.

“Many people think that when we practice agriculture, nature is helping us in our efforts to grow food. This is an exclusively human-centered viewpoint… we should instead, realize that we are receiving that which nature decides to give us. A farmer does not grow something in the sense that he or she creates it. That human is only a small part of the whole process by which nature expresses its being. The farmer has very little influence over that process… other than being there and doing his or her small part.” Masanobu Fukuoka

His writings and principles have been a key to our gardening project. Though it would be nice if our place was a bit more wild — replicating more natural state, but due to our limited space and the fact that we live in the city, we do have to “cultivate” our garden a bit. We do allow parts of our garden to grow as naturally as possible.  Our vegetable might be in beds but we let the plants grow thick and allow stray seeds to grow where they come up. We also combine no-till, bio-intensive and permaculture methods in our garden practices.   We joke that we ‘square inch garden’ as every inch counts. People are often amazed at what you can plant in a few feet if you follow natures patterns of diversity and wild growth.

Our goal is to utilize every inch and bring it into production while preserving the natural harmony of things… becoming ‘stewards’ of the land, helpings things along a little bit with our human touch, but not to control

If you take a walk through our garden and and look closer, you’d see the balance of nature – as it should be. We have good insects, and we have bad insects. For instance, without the aphids, the ladybugs would starve and the garden would be devoid of life.   Our chickens eat weeds, aphids, grasshoppers and the little finches, juncos, and sparrows enjoy finding all the bugs to eat…. and so continues the circle of life…

Weather Report: Chilly, cold day… brrr!  Temps were quite low last nigh. Another storm’s suppose to arrive on Thursday.

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