Spent all day today and yesterday planting and transplanting, getting ready for a pretty large storm which arrived this afternoon. This rain is a blessing and it should help out the garden tremendously! To make up for the minimal precipitation last year, this year we are going to need a lot of rain to make up the deficit.

On Friday, while on the delivery rounds we found this small cabinet being thrown out… whatta find!

Junk find–whoopee!!!

The seed catalogs are starting to trickle in and just paging through them is enough to make one drool… today’s a good rainy day for sorting out and taking inventory of last year’s seed collection and planning on next year’s garden.

Some of our favorite seed suppliers are:Baker Creek Heirloom SeedsRH ShumwayNichols Garden NurseryJohnny Selected SeedsBountiful GardensTotally TomatoWest Coast SeedsRichter’s HerbsAbundant Life Seed

Why do they have to keep coming up with new, tempting varieties… it’s addicting… does anyone know of a cure? 😉

Weather Report: Dark, cold and rain is comin’ down pretty hard and steady.

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