Almost finished!

The guys almost finished the rabbit hutch. All that’s left to do is to put on the shade roof and attach the waste disposal system/floor.

They also plan to attach worms bins underneath the hutch for more vermicomposting space. The rabbit droppings will drop through a funnel and into the worm bins… no need to clean up! Cool!

Moonshadow lookin’ out the window

I just love the little compartments they put in for their “living” space. These space-conserving rooms are built like an upside down “burrow”, fashioned from plastic crates with black plumbing pipes connecting them together. They also added a window in one of the “rooms” so the bunnies can look out at the world and we can look in and see them sleeping. Each box is lined with some old carpeting.

Also, what’s good about the cage is that it’s amazingly light and movable so we can place the cage in selected garden beds and let the buns munch away – and have a change of scenery!

Sierra and Moonshadow seem pleased with their new home – they are hopping around, exploring all the corners and doing a little “bunny-dance” of happiness!

It’s one of a kind!
Great job guys, thanks!

Weather Report: Getting cooler and nippy.

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