Toothache Plant


The other day, I had pain from wisdom teeth coming in and since we are growing new herb calledTOOTHACHE PLANT in the yard I gave it a try.  And to, my surprise– wait a second here, in fact I shouldn’t be surprised as I am a believer of the power herbs{herbology} and their wondrous uses — it worked!!! I chewed on the leaves and it numbed my whole mouth, it was a really weird feeling. Funny how a plant leaf could be so powerful.  It would also work on canker sores and, of course, toothaches.

After reading this, we’ll have to get serious in replacing our old washing machine with an Energy Star. We had wanted to for a long time and for incentives, Pasadena Water & Power gives out rebates if we do.

Today we had a delivery from Steve of EXOTICA RARE FRUIT NURSERY. We got some bananas, papayas, tropical cherries, lychee, tree tomatoes, pomegranates and more! We’re whittling down our “wish list.”  Only a few things left and we’ll try to find them at local nurseries.   Though, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get any red bananas because they had sold out. *sigh*

Weather Report: Nice crisp day.

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  1. Kaigypsy says:

    Excellent link for herbs there, thank you! I have to rebuilt all my links since my old HD died.

    Herbs and natural healing are definitely on my “self sustaining” list. I wonder if you read all your information or took some classes.

    • Anais says:

      @Kaigypsy: Been interested in herbs ever since I was a teenager and practically read every herbal book in the library so guess you would say I am a self taught herbalist. 😉

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