Bottles up!

We have been trying to collect bottles when delivering to the restaurants and caterers to put in some of the garden beds for both useful and decorative functions. I really would like some blue bottles that they use for mineral water… but, they are hard to find.

We finally have a new, colorful brochure that we’ve printed and designed ourselves. If you would like to help spread the word of this site

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He’s a beauty!

We have another new addition to our household — a cat we named Ringo. One of the ladies from our knitting group said that he was abandoned and wanted to give him a good home–she thinks he’s about six months old. Soooo, now he’s ours.  Our other cat Cassidy is not taking kindly to our new addition and to getting used to not being the only spoiled cat in our home. But, it looks like she might get used to it. After all, there’s plenty of love to go around…

The rabbit hutch is almost complete! Soon the bunnies will be able to move into their new home. Pictures will be posted soon. So, stay tuned!

Local tree sitter finally makes national media coverage! He’s been living in the 400 year old oak tree since early November. Read CNN article or visitSAVE OLD

Weather Report: Continuing nice weather, although they say we might get some rain over the weekend. We are sure spoiled here in SoCal!

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