The reed bed is coming along nicely. We planted some bog/water plants along the edge and collected some river rocks from the Arroyo. Building it is one thing, figuring out how to get the bath and wash water out is another. We’ll tackle that problem when we come to it.

Made some delicious homemade granola yesterday. Boy, I could just sit down and demolish the whole batch myself *shh, don’t tell anyone*. Nothing like homemade, you can’t beat it!

Reed bed coming along

I came across this wonderful websiteKRAFT PROJECTS… Check out especially the ‘Trash to Treasure’ — that woman sure is talented! Gave us some ideas.  Right now we’re collecting wine bottles when we deliver to restaurants and caterers. We plan to use them to outline a bed… still have a long ways to go, though, to collect enough bottles.

Weather Report: OK, now, make up your mind… now it’s cool and foggy. 

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