I put together a list ofNEW PLANTS that we’ve acquired this year here on the urban homestead, which will continue to grow!

The bunnies are doing well, they are very playful and like to be petted. Moonshadow’s the hyper of the two, while Sierra is the shy one.

We had a family meeting the other day and had everyone list new projects/skills they’d like to accomplish in the coming year to become even more self-sufficient.


We asked ourselves, “what more can we do?” to be self-reliant and “greener.” What part of our life can we alter or change?   After analyzing our current habits and lifestyle, we find that there are many more things we can do and our journey is, by no means, over!

I typed up this list {which is, by the way, quite long!} and hung it up in the dining room so everyone can see it and mark off projects as soon as they are accomplished. The problem, I find, is that there is too many new things to do and learn… and you want to tackle them all, but you have to take it one at a time.

Weather Report: Hot and dry.

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