We were blessed with a wonderful gift of a box of gorgeous pomegranates. We made a bunch of JELLYfrom a recipe posted on the forum by one of our readers. It’s surprisingly delicious!  Thanks to Amy, Vitali and “Coyote”…

Ok, we finally came up with a name for the other rabbit — SIERRA, cause she looks like a snow capped mountain.

This month I hope to put our COUNTRY LIVING GRAIN MILL into use. I aim to start  grinding our own flour and peanut butter, etc. I love non-electric appliances–I hate the noise of all those electric gadgets… I already have a non-electric juicer,hand-cranked blender and food mill. As you gather I love LEHMAN’S — have my eye on some more ol’ fashion gadgets.

I found out while searching the internet that there is a spinning group here in Pasadena — few blocks away actually. They’re called Pasadena Wednesday Spinners and meet the first Wed of every month. Darn I missed it!   But, perhaps, I hope I can make next month’s meeting. We’ll see…

Weather Report: Bring back out the summer clothes!  Temps in the 90’s.

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