Yesterday we picked up two dwarf rabbits. The black and white one’s MOON SHADOW and the brownish one’s… well, we haven’t picked a name yet. They really are taking to their new home, though Cassidy, our cat is wondering what all the fuss is about. The rabbits will be a great addition to the “homestead” eating the green veggie scraps and giving us some manure for the garden.

In addition, I also picked up a beautiful coffee plant from Burkards. It’s over 4 feet tall… I plan to take some cuttings right away!

Heard the other day from a friend that Gary Jones of the famous Hortus Nursery here in Pasadena {actually down the road a little ways from us and every time I pass I see all the neat stuff leftover… would LOVE to get a hold of some of it for the garden}, is now atArmstrong’s and rumor has it that he is bringing the world famousTOMATO MANIA to Armstrong’s this Spring…. could it be true… please, oh please! But, hey don’t ya have to admit it… I still miss ol’ Hortus.

Weather Report: Bit cooler but still warm.

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