The wonderful people down atLong Beach Organic dropped in yesterday. Amy gave me some coffee plants… two actually… and a pineapple guava in exchange for some of our seeds.

I’m soooo excited about growing coffee. Check this link out about an LA gardener growing her own coffee.

We had a lovely afternoon, it was nice to chat and get together with kindred spirits.

Meyer Lemon

We chatted about a variety of subjects and one of the gals {Amy} got to telling me about herraw food diet… hmmm… got me thinking… I should look into that!

Also we had a chance to meet Vitali. I was totally blown away when he told us what he does… he sews his own organic cotton clothes, bakes bread, crochets, spins and so on… talk about a renaissance man. I’m thinking that guys does and knows more than I do…. it was a bit embarrassing! Makes me want to go and get my own spinning wheel…

Weather Report: We’re expected to reach 90ยบ today!!!! What a shock!

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