Got a lot of projects going all at once, too much in fact. We’re having a hard time juggling them all while trying very hard not to drop any. The guys are building new fences and working on trellises for the sides of the house, over the driveway, along the fence line. etc. We are trying to keep clear of run-of-the mill designs… trying to be innovative, but imagination takes time. It’s so much easier to just go to the home and garden center and buy something ready-made and plop it right in the ground. But we would miss out on being creative.


Still waiting on the planters for the fruit trees… one day they should come in! I’m still tempted to purchase more fruit trees. Right now I’m looking at getting a dwarf lime, lemon and tangerine. And I’m trying to track down coffee plants, horseradish, Chilean guava, and many more. There’s always room… I think! *grin*   Our ultimate goal is to get 3 tons {6,000} pounds of food from our yard. This year it looks like we’ll make close to 4,000 pounds, God willing.

Today, the guys are working on a hand-crank drum so that we are able to turn the compost into fine soil for the garden. Already we can see a tremendous difference from the manure/compost that we had delivered. The soil is full of worms that must have migrated in. The veggies look healthier… Now if we just could get some rain. The weather guys said there is a chance on Thursday, Friday and possibly Sunday… we need the rain badly… we are praying!

Weather Report: Warm, dry.  Temps in the 80’s.

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