We had two loads (16 yards) of horse manure delivered by Tim Dundon { better known around these parts as ‘Zeke the Sheik’} 

 We covered the whole yard — front and back with this wonderful, rich compost. Now, if we can just get a little rain, this place will “explode from the horse power!” — quoting from Mr. Dundon, using one his many vivid and colorful

descriptions of his love of nature and passion for his heap.

We are still waiting on large planters to put all the dwarf fruit trees in. We would have had them much earlier if the factory hadn’t burned down. I’ll be checking with Burkard’s again this week. We still want a few more fruit trees like: lime, persimmon, perhaps cherry? There are so many other unusual fruit out there… Also would like to try out growing coffee, cassava and rice and many more. We already have cotton, wheat and kenaf, broom corn; these plants are beautiful, useful and ornamental addition to the yard.   Even though we aren’t able to grow enough to say, more our own clothes, it is still a good experience, so we can say “yeah, we know how to grow that.”

Weather Report: Haven’t seen the sun, for who knows how many days… *moan*… Dreary days

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