I’m almost finished my granny square afghan… 30 or so more squares to go. Here’s aneat link if you are bitten by the granny square bug. A gal at our knitting group yesterday said she had a huge bag of G’squares that were made by her grandma in the 70’s and I am to be the recipient of them. Cool!

Now that I’m on the womanly arts subject, there are a couple of arts I still want to tackle — there’s candle making, sewing, quilting. I also want to improve my knitting skills. Even though I have been knitting for over 10 years, there is still sooo much to learn!

I have done some hand milled oatmeal lavender soap and have given them out to friends and family. I’ve gotten positive feedback — even some inquiries if I would sell the bars. So, with my confidence bolstered, I now want to expand. I’m looking at the herb garden to see what is growing that I could use in the soap. There’s LEMON VERBENA, MINTS, ROSEMARY, SAGE that would be useful additives.

In the garden… we are raising the beds and planting in the ground and in containers: CARROTS, LETTUCES, RADISHES, BEETS, ONIONS, POTATOES, CABBAGE, BROCCOLI, RAAB, SALAD GREENS, KALE, TURNIPS, PEAS, GARLIC. 

Weather Report: Cool, overcast days.

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    Your link does not work there, would love to see the website as I love to crochet!

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