The other day us gals got together searching the garage, cellar and kitchen drawers for junk so we could turn into useful objects for the yard. We went a bit overboard…  making 4 wind chimes out of utensils, beaters, keys–you name it! Also made a cute lil sun catcher out of all those AOL CD’s in the mail and some bells. For the new redwood arbor we got an old chandelier that was salvaged and hung it up with some ivy making an attractive hanging planter.

The guys also are in the junk recycling mood, they are building bicycle wheel trellises for the side of the driveway. Check out all the latest junk projects at the Photo Gallery: JUNK to GARDEN ART… hope you’ll be inspired!

Just got the SEED/PLANT EXCHANGE page up — check it out, you might find something you’d like that we have. Let’s make a deal!

Weather Report: Much cooler with foggy mornings.

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