Purchased bulk seeds from a few seed companies. It’s sooo much cheaper than buying individual packets… Right now we’re planting peas, broccoli, lettuces, salad greens, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, turnips and tomatoes. Yep, tomatoes! We read in a gardening magazine that gardeners in So Cal can plant tomatoes in Sept/Oct.

In that case, e are trying a Siberian variety tomato that tolerates cooler weather which we purchased from Burkard’s the other day. We shall see how it goes!  Also, there are still a few fruit trees I’d like to get…. but where on earth can we squeeze them in? I’ll find room somewhere… there’s always room!!! 

Weather Report: Temps in the mid 60’s… Talk about shock!  Had to g dig out the sweaters and winter clothes… Just a couple days ago we were sizzling at 105º !

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