It’s been not a very good year for gardeners here in So Cal. As personal reports from the chef at The Kitchen for Exploring Foods explains, not even the ‘commercial’ farmers are without trouble… That makes us feel a little better. Still, unfortunately, we had to water practically every day or things would have been toasted to a burnt crisp. But even with all the funky weather and weird seasons–or rather–non-seasons, the garden produced OK.

We would have liked more tomatoes and peppers but those two seem to have been the most affected by the unusual weather. On the bright side… We didn’t have much, if any, pest problems or disease. No aphids or hornworms either. However, early in the season we had trouble with spider mites but they are gone thanks to the predatory mites we purchased. One thing that we have problems with are the ants; every year they show up in huge masses and are seen crawling everywhere! But, we fight back! We use instant grits and it seems to work {they carry it back to the nest, eat and then the grit expands in their stomachs and, then, *kabooom!*… need not explain further, you get the rest of the picture} Sprinkling cinnamon also works, we buy a huge container at Smart & Final and sprinkle it around the place… smells like a bakery. MMM.

We acquired a few new customers this year for our produce, herbs and edible flowers. We could have gotten more clients had we had a better year with the tomatoes *sigh*. It’s amazing how much one can produce on such a small piece of land… imagine…

Weather Report: Overcast and chilly… Has Fall finally arrived?

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