Woke up yesterday to an eerie sunrise and the day ended in a smoky sunset. Today, the sky is dark and gloomy, having an orange glow/tint. The smell of smoke and ash hangs heavy in the air as a large wildfire burns in theSan Gabriel Mountains. While going home yesterday from the LA County Fair we could see the huge flames covering the mountains in bright orange streaks. Unfortunately there are homes that are in danger. Hopefully it’ll be contained very soon.

Well, back to the event of the day — yesterday we went on an outing with some dear friends to the LA Fair. Boy, it sure was a scorcher out there… it was 108º in the shade!!!! The poor animals were panting…The crowds were low possibly due to the excessive heat. Anyhow, we saw some really neat and innovative exhibits.  The crafting showplace was full of beautiful works in quilting, sewing, knitting and crocheting and other needlecrafts. Got me so excited I wanted to try my hand at the other ‘womanly arts.’   In addition it gave some wonderful ideas for my next projects… The farm animal exhibit was a bit disappointing as they did not have all the animals on display {no horses or miniature horses} and a lot of stalls were empty. Maybe it was due to the heat, but the animals seem to have left the building. Enjoyed looking at the baby animals and petting area where they had a baby fawn and wallaby… oooh so cute.

Loved the exhibit with the antique farm equipment and there was also a section where they had people displaying blacksmithing, abode brick making, spinning, rope making, quilting, doll making, etc, which was quite nice to see.

There was also a garden idea area where we got a lot of cool ideas for using and recycling objects such as bikes, doors, windows, etc. The best display, I think was the garden plot that cleverly used old bikes and wheels as planters, trellises, gates… it was really cool! I wanted to go home and take apart those old bikes we have stored in the cellar…   The fair didn’t seem to have many vendors, or any that we were interested in… I couldn’t find any incense sellers this year.

On Sunday a gal from the knitting group came over and visited… you can read about her visit and see pics of the hens at her really cool siteAmericanHomebody.com — BTW… thanks Lisa for the great write up, glad you enjoyed your visit and the squash.

Weather Report: Sweltering, sticky and smoky!  Temps over 100º.

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