Better keep the doctors away!!! Got four boxes of organic apples that our local health food store couldn’t sell. Paid only two bucks a box!!!!! Now, what to make?  “Apples are the fruit of the land.” You can bake it, fry it… There’s applesauce, apple juice, apple pie, fried apples, dried apples… should I go on? Or like Bubba in the movie Forest Gump said… “that’s about it.”

On a different subject… family history and genealogy that is. We found out the other day that we have relatives living not far away. They have started a website to trace our roots and what’s even more exciting is that perhaps our surname isn’t really Dervaes. There’s rumor that  in the 1800’s that a clerk had made a spelling error and that our surname was changed from Servaes to Dervaes {check} I love a good mystery!!! Weather Report: A bit warmer.

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