Summers last hurrah…

Sheesh, I can’t believe it’s already September!   In the month of August we’ve already  surpassed last year’s market of produce harvested from the yard {2,322 lbs in 2001 and now in 2002, 2,414 lbs}. We still have four months to go… Already, we are planning on what to plant for the fall season. I’ll have to get a seed order ready soon.

Labor Day was spent building an arbor off the side of the garage for grapes to grow on. We did have a cookout in the backyard complete with soy dogs and the works!

Cassidy has the right idea… SNOOZE TIME!!!It’s sooo icky… Too hot, too sticky, too muggy, too humid to even move! Just going about and performing plain old daily activities makes one break out in a sweat as if you’ve just run around the block! The heat hits you like a ton of bricks when you go outside. *yuck* Us Californians aren’t used to muggy weather…. We need a bit of air movement here, please! Yeah, I know, we’re too spoiled for our own britches.  I am so looking forward to the crisp autumn days… if we’re lucky to have any.

Unfortunately, the heat has been so intense it steamed some of the baby greens, withered the remaining cucumbers and fried the tips of several plants, not to mention it’s making everyone in a bad mood!

Weather Report:Sweltering, sticky, hot and humid–yuck!

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