Whew! Thankfully the weather’s starting to cool down just a tad. We’re back to foggy, cool mornings.   Boy, for a couple of days there it was like living in an oven.

This year we are trying a squash called climbing trombocino{a packet from Renee’s Garden} It’s growing like crazy over the PVC plastic arches and is really cool looking and not to mention tasty too.   I think it tastes much better than zucchini… it doesn’t get all mushy or watery *shudder* when you cook it.

Trombocino Climbing Squash

The guys took down the ‘Yellow Lady Banks’ climbing rose from the trellis over the driveway… EEEWWW!!!!   It’s all bare and open–sorta feels naked and bright on that side of the house–can’t wait for the kiwi to grow so it’ll be all nice and pretty again. With kiwi taking the now empty place, at least the space over the driveway will be useful and produce fruit we can eat.

Weather Report: Cooler, thankfully we get a break from the heat.

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