Curing oatmeal lavender soap

Have a couple of craft projects going which are taking much longer than they should. *sigh* One of the projects is crocheting a really funky granny square afghan with leftover yarn and another is knitting a cotton short sleeve summer sweater featured inROWAN { even though summer’s practically over *duh*}.

We don’t watch much T.V. {nope, don’t have cable, so we don’t have a clue about all the hype over the Osbournes, Sopranos, or Six Feet Under}, and that means there’s really not much “sit-down” time to complete some of these projects. Would like to knit a retro 60’s/70’s belted sweater coat this fall but will have to see how that goes. So much to do and so little time to do it in… *sheesh*

On another subject:

Shopping once a month  really saves time, though, we do get quite a lot of stares from fellow shoppers as we push a, filled to the top, cart around. A new guy at Trader Joes once thought we were with a movie production company.   He explained that they (movie production companies) come in all the time and purchase shopping carts full of food. I then told him that no, we weren’t with any movie company and that I was shopping for 4 weeks.   A lot of the guys and gals that work at Trader Joes and Wild Oats are used to the sight of us bulk shopping and they are really cool about it, though it takes quite a lot of time to ring us up–and I know that those in line behind us praying that another line will open up. At Wild Oats we purchase the staples such as flour, rice, beans and granola in 50 lb bags or buy things by the case. What’s really good is that they give a 10% discount on bulk purchases which helps cut the hefty bill.

Bantam chickens are doing well, though we are having a hard time training Felix, the rooster, not to crow {not that there is anything wrong with it, but we have a school on two sides of us and they will NOT like it}. If he doesn’t shape up, we will have to find him a good home {we don’t want him to end up in someone’s pot}. If anyone in the Southern California area would like to have him, let us know! He’s a pretty, well developed rooster. {Actually, he’s a cockerel since he’s not a year old yet…}

One of our pullets, Peggoty, makes the weirdest noise… something only describable as a high pitch squealing–almost like a pig! It’s the oddest sound and hard to “name it”  to anything.  The other hens make their usual clucking and cackling sounds, but this one, well, she’s different!

We purchased some beautiful kiwi plants {three females and a male}. We plan to take out the climbing ‘Yellow Lady Banks’ rose that grows on an arbor over the driveway and replace it with the kiwi. We still are tempted to purchase more edibles, but there looms the BIG question… where the heck to put them?

Weather Report: HEAVE WAVE!!!!It’s a like an oven outside… temps 100º plus!
For the past two days the heat has been extremely brutal. It’s not fit
for man nor beast to be outside during the day. They say there’ll be no
relief until the middle of the week. Meanwhile we bake… YUCK!!!

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