Old root beer advertisement

We “made” {*wink*} our own root beer from a kit. It’s surprisingly easy to make and really delicious!   And tastes soooo much better than the sugary gunk sold in the stores. You can check out our HOME BREW link page for additional links.

What’s real disappointing and downright pathetic, is the pepper crop this year… haven’t harvested much sweets nor “hots”. Downright miss the freshly made salsa that we made a lot of last year. Perhaps, we might have a late harvest… (Please, oh please…)

There is still much work that needs to be done on this website (*urgh*), but things are quite busy still for all of us. I mean, one could spend one’s time here on the internet/computer, but life and duties call and come first. So, I’ll have to be patient and get around to adding more stuff to this site in the spare time that’s left during the day… which isn’t much right now. *sigh*

The past few days were spent re-potting all the tropical fruit trees and new herbs. Also, loads of veggies and fruit are coming in so time is spent making dishes and preserving. Yesterday we made 1 gallon of homemade yogurt to be used in our peach and berry smoothie and fruit bowl. In addition made another batch of handmilled soap.  And… with the drought conditions the yard requires a bit more attention… making sure plants don’t wither up and croak. A lot of new plants have come into our lives this past year.  

Our goal is to make this homestead an urban, edible “jungle.” Let me see, so far the new additions are:

FRUIT: passion fruit, avocado, pepino dulce, strawberry guava, pink guava, pineapple guava, mango, banana, dwarf apricot, apple, raspberry, blueberry, wolfberry, rhubarb, mulberry.

HERBS: rosettelle hibiscus, gota klola, vicks plant, toothache plant, banana mint, bay laurel, australian tea tree, marshmallow, cinnamon yam, licorice, tamarind, foti, jojoba, stevia, bloody dock, chamomile, veronica

VEGGIES: yacon, red jerusalem artichoke, asparagus, golden purslane, vegetable leaf amaranth {great hot weather green and substitute for lettuce} and of course all the different heirloom tomatoes.

— there’s possibly more… can’t think of them all just yet. Really would like to track down this cool tropical fruit: LYCHEE

Last week went on our annual clothes shopping for “the basics” — shoes, underthingies, etc,. It’s ridiculous all the styles and choices {not to mention the prices *yikes*}, especially in shoes, and some are even downright ugly and makes you wonder who in the world would actually wear something like that. Just give us the simple, basic choices — black, brown, white. We’ll have to go to the local thrift store soon for items such as flannels and such. Love thrift store shopping, but have to use self-control most of them time… keep reminding one-self, now, do I  really need this or am I getting it cause it’s so darn cheap?

Post Script: Check out thiscrafty, thrift store divas site on turning thrift store finds into fashionable clothing. Be warned… an old nightgown will never look the same again. 😉

Weather Report: Starting to warm up a tad. Dry heat with temps in the high 90’s.

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