Fruiting Pepino Dulce

We’re harvesting a good crop of peaches this year, though not as much as previous year–they are much larger. We’ve picked some that are as big as grapefruits!

First time growing and eating the pepino dulce that we purchased over a month ago from Burkard’s. The plant is quite interesting–a bush plant with “melon” like fruit. The taste is quite interesting–a mixture of flavor: apple, melon, cucumber. It’s actually quite good! This plant will be a welcomed addition to our edible landscape.

Have you ever tried eating fried green tomatoes?–no, not the movie. Well, you are missing a great treat! We hadn’t even thought of eating green tomatoes, until last year when we tried green tomatoes for the first time last summer–and now we’re hooked. Here’s great site with recipes forFried Green Tomatoes

Weather Report: Still pleasant and mild, sunny days. Temps in high 80’s with a nice breeze.

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