Sheesh guys, enough pics already!!!

We have a new addition to our household — Cassidy. She’s an abandoned kitty, dropped off in our neighborhood.

Over the past years, we have had numerous baby kittens dropped off {can’t understand some people!!!!}. We’ve found good homes for them… looks as if we’ll be keeping this one.

Cassidy has a little cut across her nose, possibly from a run in with our next door neighbor’s cat — Charles aka ‘Charlie’– bad boy.

She likes being with the bantam chickens and eating with them < pic below > — corn, rice, squash, tomatoes, seaweed… she’s a health food freak!!!! We try to feed the chickens mostly from our garden. They especially love corn on the cob,

Guess who’s coming to dinner? raisins, grapes, leafy veggies, worm, aphids and wheatgrass. They much rather eat these than the scratch we purchase from our local feed store. They are real California chickens 😉

Saw this quote on a website: Zucchinis terrific! Like bunnies, prolific!. Wish all veggies would grow like zukes, no matter what kind of year it may be, they still produce their hearts out. Here’s another great recipe for those never-ending zukes… Since we don’t eat meat, these zucchini patties make a great substitute. { Recipe:Zucchini patties}

Weather Report: Mild days. Thankfully not as hot and humid as a few weeks ago.

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