“Nature’s candy in my hand or can or pie…” ~Peaches ~

Finally receive a load of oak mulch for the yard. The four loads of mulch from last year are almost gone — decomposed into a wonderful rich, dark brown dirt. This year wasn’t even a good year for oak mulch. Since there wasn’t any ample precipitation this winter the oak trees didn’t have their normal spring growth — so there wasn’t much oak tree trimming going on.

Some things in this year’s garden are a real disappointment. Farming is much like gambling, some years you hit the jackpot and others, well you aren’t so lucky. This was one of those not-so-lucky years: The currant tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, plums, peaches, ground cherries so far are not producing well, if at all, compared to last year’s harvest.  We are now even having to turn down orders for beans and tomatoes due to the sporadic and inconsistent production of the plants.

We dream of rain…

This summer has been a real scorcher! During the day, it’s brutal to be even out as the sun and heat is soooo intense–you just want to hole up somewhere in the shade and don’t move or come out until about 5pm or so. So we don’t blame the plants too much for not growing–wouldn’t want to be out there ourselves.

So much for seeing if we could conserve water this summer. We had planned to mulch, mulch. mulch, but with the heat the plants start to wilt really bad and then, well you have to water or we could start to loose some. Last summer we got really spoiled, we figure that over the whole summer we had less than a months worth of temps in the 90’s to 100’s. And the experts say there is no such thing as global warming?  Yeah right!

Already dreaming and looking forward to next year, perhaps it’ll be a better one. It’s an adventure… you’ll never know.

Weather Report: Same, warm and sunny. Mornings and evenings are overcast and cool enough to require a flannel.

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